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Jumanne McDaniel
Medical Marijuana Advocate and Co-Founder
Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many chemicals in marijuana.Children who suffer from seizures benefit  from Oil extracted from Marijuana that has almost no THC.
About tripleAgenetics
tripleAgenetics is a private, legal, reputable medical marijuana collective out of the Seattle, WA area that has been producing legal marijuana since 2006. tripleAgenetics specializes in the production of marijuana with grade AAA quality that medically needy patients depend on. Our projects are for those who either cannot or do not want to grow themselves, so our project management and style of growing and breeding programs are customized for each client.We are experts in the field of cannabis medicine including clinical applications, cultivation, history, and medical preparations.

Medical marijuana advocates @_gabrielsayegh and @JoshStanleyCO of American Weed on National Geographic sitting With Jumanne McDaniel to discuss the plan's rollout in NY.
Jamal Hackler
Medical Marijuana Advocate and Co-Founder.
Jumanne McDaniel, co-founder of tripleAgenetics, is both a medical marijuana patient and active medical marijuana advocate. Jumanne was disabled in 2005 at work and since that time he has suffered from neuropathy, sciatica with shooting pain in his legs and lower back, tingling sensations as well as pins and needles down his legs and right arm. He has endured many drug therapies and surgeries to treat his condition. In 2008, he had back surgery to remove a disk in his spine. He subsequently was prescribed narcotic pain killers and muscle relaxants. These medications proved highly addictive, they never provided relief and they caused severe kidney disease. Because of the risk of furthering his kidney disease, Jumanne no longer has the option of using these prescription drugs. From his experience, Jumanne knows that medical marijuana can safely and effectively treat chronic pain.

Jumanne has been an active advocate with Compassionate Care New York since 2012, actively participating in discussions shaping the medical marijuana legislation in New York and serving as a panelist on NY1  News Inside City Hall. In addition to his work to promote the safe and effective use of medical marijuana, Jumanne has also served as an advisory board member for Every Child Matters in Long Island since 2012 and is the President/CEO of Ciara's Helping hands, a 501c charity serving the needs of foster children.
Medical marijuana Jumanne McDaniel in Hicksville, NY with Compassionate Care, New York.
Jamal Hackler, co-founder of tripleAgenetics, has been involved in cannabis for over 20 years, learning to grow marijuana at an early age in the corn fields of North Carolina. Jamal is both a medical marijuana advocate and patient. Jamal suffers from back pain from years spent welding and commercial diving and has suffered from epileptic seizures, so he is attuned to the needs of the medical marijuana patients he provides for and has cultivated strands specifically aimed at treating chronic pain and neurological disorders.

Jamal is the master grower and breeder for tripleAgenetics, overseeing the first tripleAgenetics crop from three seeds purchased from Dr. Greenthumb. Most days, you can find Jamal in the greenhouse actively tenderly caring for his plants, which have been featured in publications such as the Northwest Leaf. If Jamal isn't busy tending to the grow, he is out networking within the cannabis community or actively meeting the needs of his clients for his glass accessories business based in Tacoma, WA. In the very near future, Jamal plans to expand the tripleAgenetics brand to Belize, where he plans to live and work to meet the needs of children and families in the most impoverished areas of the country.